4 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Standout to Employers

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LinkedIn has become an amazing tool that helps recruiters evaluate potential job candidates. Over the years, social media platforms have allowed recruiters to, in a way, “screen” job applicants. Ensuring your profile is professional can go a long way when trying to find a job.

Business owners and managers actually pay attention to what’s on your LinkedIn profile, so you should too! 

Remember to always be professional and industry-appropriate on your LinkedIn account. Your LinkedIn profile should act as an extension to your resume and demonstrate why you are an amazingly qualified candidate that any local Fort Lauderdale business would love to hire. 

How can I make my LinkedIn profile stand out?  

Here are some easy ways to make your profile stand out. 

Tip #1

Highlight skills that demonstrate your experiences and tailor them for the job you want.

Tip #2

Whenever possible, quantify when discussing your experience.

Be specific with examples that include quantities.

For example, you can say, “I managed a team” or instead you can say, “I led a team of seven and optimized company efficiency by 15% within two months”.

Tip #3

Use a high-resolution image where you look professional and approachable.

Tip #4

Ask colleagues, supervisors, or customers (when appropriate) to write a recommendation for you.

Making the most of a local staffing agency.

Staffing agencies – like PrideStaff Fort Lauderdale – work with a variety of local businesses that are ready to hire. The staffing agency helps job seekers find a position that aligns with their goals and experience. Finding a job with PrideStaff Fort Lauderdale is a streamlined process. Want to learn more?  Speak with a job placement professional today. 

Here are some common questions we often get from job seekers who are looking for a local job. 

How can I find a job in Fort Lauderdale?

Fort Lauderdale is a booming city with more and more job opportunities being created as the city grows. For a local and specific job search, you can check out our Looking for a Job resource page on our website.

Do staffing agencies in Fort Lauderdale actually help you find a job?

Absolutely! Staffing agencies, especially a reputable employment agency in Fort Lauderdale, have deep connections with local businesses. PrideStaff Fort Lauderdale can provide you access to featured jobs and employment options you might not find on your own. Most of our jobs are not even listed on the internet, so the only way to gain access to our job database is to work with our friendly employment team. 

Can I find a temporary job in Fort Lauderdale?

Yes, many careers begin with a temporary role, which can often lead to a permanent position. The key is to connect with the right job agency. 

If your goal is to avoid a job gap, then one of our available temp job positions can help. 

Do job agencies help place people in permanent jobs?

Of course, many people believe job agencies only offer temporary roles, but that’s not true. A significant number of job agencies, including PrideStaff Fort Lauderdale, can place candidates in both temporary and permanent positions. It’s all about communicating your preferences and career goals with your job agency.

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